Orange Coast Music Therapy - "Music is what feelings sound like..."
  "On behalf of the staff and administration, we want to let you know we really are proud to have you working with our residents on a weekly basis. We are exceedingly certain that having you spend time with our residents is one of the best expenses our company has. Your kindness, patience and professionalism with our residents is absolutely fantastic and we truly feel blessed to have you working with them." -John Pedroza, Horizon Care Homes
"Music Therapy has changed my life.  I am able to move more freely because of the music"-Javier T., participant at South County Adult Day Services
"Our bodies were 'floating'.  We were filled with joy.  We looked around and there was a smile on everyone's face."  - Dorothy P., participant at South County Adult Day Services after a drumming session
“I’m not a very good singer.  That’s not the objective.  The objective is that it makes friendship.  That is what we have now.  So, I’m proud of that.”-member of "Tremble Clefs" therapeutic singing group for people with Parkinson's disease.

"the [music] is like a present" - Jean B. , RCFE resident and client of Orange Coast Music Therapy

"I can't thank you enough for all you do!  You have turned my father's life, attitude and health completely around" - Liz C. , daughter of "Ed",  Member of Tremble Clefs, Therapeutic Singing Group for people with Parkinson's Disease, North Orange County.

"It [the music therapy] was exciting and took the emotions right out of my gut. - "Coach", resident at Silverado Memory Care Community and client of Orange Coast Music Therapy 
"When I first started my voice was low and barely understandable (one of the joys of Parkinson's), but the music  lessons, the singing and the voice exercises you have me practice have turned my entire persona around. I look forward to our sessions together and to discovering new  ways to improve my voice and especially as part of the Tremble Clefs group. Far from a side benefit is the shock some of my friends exhibit when hearing my clear, stronger voice coming at them for the first time.
You've got me hooked!!!!! -Bob Sickler, member of "Tremble Clefs" and private client of Orange Coast Music Therapy
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